Sunday, October 25, 2009

Greek Bean Soup

Sunday's dinner was comprised of one of my FAVORITE recipes...Greek Bean Soup!! This particular recipe comes from the Dining with Friends cookbook. We made the mistake of buying a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes when we were looking for diced so this was more of a modified tomato soup...but still tasty.

At the moment I'm in the early stages of the common cold so here's to feeling better! (and sorry for the crappy pic...)


  1. trying so hard to be vegan.... man it's hard. I'm about 70%..... still like my meat and cheese!

  2. Your dinner looks wonderful! (The pic looks perfectly fine). Hope you're feeling better.
    p.s. I have the same tray, I got mine from Target, love it:)

  3. thanks! I am finally over my cold but it's screwed up my cooking schedule. Hopefully there'll be new posts soon!!

    Magic Brush - a vegan meal now and again is enough to have a wonderful impact! My suggestion is to go with some naturally vegan meals like good Italian or Mediterranean dishes...going head first into faux cheese and tofu can leave you resenting veganism. :)

    Oraphan - thanks! mine is actually from Ikea. They had some good deals. :)