Sunday, April 4, 2010


Pancakes are possibly one of the first recipes I ever perfected...both vegan and non. I would love to say I get creative with them and have crafted tons of different varieties but that would be a lie. I like a classic pancake with a dash of cinnamon and a good amount of chocolate chips!

Spring and summer are hands down the best time of year for these treats because all the berries are finally in season. Pancakes are extra special when loaded up with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries!

If any of you are struggling to find a decent pancake recipe, this is my standby:

-2.5C flour
-2TB sugar
-1TB baking powder
-1TB oil
-1tsp salt
-2.5C soymilk
-dash of cinnamon
-anything else you like! Bananas, chocolate chips, blueberries...

Turkey a'la Mode

Does anyone, besides me, remember Turkey a'la Mode? The catholic gradeschool I went to served this and you could do turkey or chicken on top of a starch... I really don't recall if it was rice or mashed potatoes.

Anyhoo, this is our variation!

This is so *SO* tasty! I'm thinking it should be the new Thanksgiving. Our mashed potatoes are basically russets mixed with plain soymilk, whipped earth balance butter, and herbs. However, I've been dying to try a sour cream and chive spin; I guess I've been reluctant because I don't know how the tofutti sour cream would hold up. Has anyone tried this? I would love to hear about it!!

The turkey portion is a package of tofurkey deli slices (either Oven Roasted or Hickory Smoked) cooked stovetop. Vegan boyfriend usually does these because he is the master seasoner. We frequently mix it up but one thing I really suggest is using hot pepper infused olive oil for an extra kick. So crispy delicious.../drool.

Beefless Stew

I remember being a kid and eating canned Beef Stew at my parent's house during the winter. It had little hamburger pieces in it with grill lines as if it were fresh meat. I always loved that soup. It wasn't until I was searching vegan recipes on Ellen Degeneres' website that I came across this little ditty. Basically, wow, it tastes like that childhood favorite! For the wine I used 'Our Daily Red' - I'm not sure how that compares because I'm not a wine drinker and this was one option that said vegan on it. Turned out great as far as I'm concerned!