Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pan Fried Pizza

This evening I tried another recipe from the "Vegan Italiano" book. The idea is using self-rising flour and frying the crust on your stovetop then broiling it with toppings and sauce to finish it off.

I made an herbed crust with seasonings I'm pretty sure were meant for sauce...but since I already had a ready-to-go sauce that I LOVE I just ended up with an awesome crust too. :)

As the author mentions, you can make self-rising flour just by adding salt and baking powder...which is the route I went but i was expecting the dough to rise further. It seemed kind of dense which makes me believe that something went wrong but I just don't know what.

The only real benefit to this pizza versus what we do traditionally is that it is MUCH speedier. Yet the portions were very small (we basically split the pizza and there are no leftovers).

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  1. Stove top crust! That sounds great! I'll try this. It would save me time if I want a quick pizza! Thanks for sharing!