Sunday, January 31, 2010



Now that I've gotten that out of my system I'd like to share more about tonight's meal: Enchiladas. The great thing about something like Enchiladas is that you can play around with the ingredients depending on what you have, what is in season or what you feel like.

Vegan boyfriend and I have different preferences so it's easy to wrap up separate goodies and bake them in the same dish. I ate on (boca) beef and black beans with toffuti cheddar on top. Boyfriend did the same with black olives...yuk! Sides, which were not pictured, were Spanish rice and refried beans.


  1. i love mexican food too!!!! but there are so few places in australia to eat it and for what is essentially rice, corn and beans they charge so so much :(

  2. I get anxiety when thinking about life without Mexican food. How easy is it to buy ingredients and make it at home? I've heard from a business partner that it's nearly impossible in Japan...and I was so hoping to go some day.